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Artist Statement

My expression as a ceramist is highly influenced by my background as a botanist. In essence, my ceramic work is a means of materialising my fascination with the phenomenon of life in its many forms. Inspiration comes in a multitude of guises, it might be the electron microscope image of a pollen grain, or a coconut found on an exotic beach, or a colony of barnacles surfacing at low tide. It is these living organisms that will eventually lend their shapes and textures to my pieces.


Although nature is the source of my inspiration, I do not aim to make exact replicas of existing natural forms. Instead, I apply the principles of their structure to make my abstract pieces, which are metaphors of my feelings of togetherness, protection and support, surprise, uncertainty...


I tend to use clay with a high grog content which I model by hand. I treat the surface of my pieces in such a way as to achieve a coarse surface. As for decoration, I mostly apply oxides and engobes, which give my pieces their rough appearance. If I do apply a glaze, it is only inside a piece, for a smooth and shiny look. I like to experiment with my clay and I often mix it with sands, volcanic ash or other materials found on my travels abroad.


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