Our Precious Water

Being fascinated with life I am also fascinated with water as a condition of life. I want to draw public attention to the fact that water body is itself full of life, although not easily visible. I made a collection ‘Plankton’ inspired by micro organisms living in water, just thousands times bigger.

During my participation at the Baikal Ceramystica symposium on the Olkhon Island at the Baikal Lake, Russia, in 2018 I was impressed by the magnitude of this world’s biggest fresh water reservoir but also by its radiating mysticism. To celebrate it I made huge forms, thousands times bigger than the water micro organism that served as the inspiration.

Another inspiration related to water came from life at the water edge – water birds. Their forms, perfectly adapted to their habitat I materialized in the collection “Together”.

The beauty of water containers that are found in traditional pottery I see as a materialisation of people’s admiration of water.  And it is that admiration that led me to make a serious of pieces of form and natural clay colour that reflect my inspiration from the traditional pottery.

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