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Compounded Piece

The irregular shape of cocoa beans and their tightly packed arrangement in a pod attracted my attention and led me to reflect on how separate and diverse units can join together to form a compact greater whole.


I meant to apply the same principle to my compound pieces. So, although the pieces are modelled to fit tightly against one another, each element has a unique shape and its position in the ensemble is exclusive.


'M. et Mme. sont ensemble' – I tried to express the idea of an emotional relationship in which there is mutual protection and support through two complementary elements. However, the arrangement allows for some space in between to convey the idea that their closeness is not suffocating and each can breathe and express their personality.


'Where is my other half?' expresses the search for the complementary shape. All elements here are different from one another, but among them there are some whose forms are complementary. Aren’t we all seeking for our complementary 'other half'?

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